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New Customer Promotion !!!

2023 is a fresh start for The Audio House Family and we feel now is the time to open our doors to new customers so we can build the Hi-Fi shop you want and need and that also means we need to clearly focus on who are customers actually are and send them a clear message we want them to shop with us

So what does that actually mean ?

Well that's simple

Do you Live in Sussex and happy to pick your products up from our Shop in Worthing or have them delivered by a member of staff to your Home in Sussex 

If the answer is yes please shop with us and not someone miles away and we will reward that support with a 5% discount off everything you purchase including equipment, speakers, cables, racks, plugs, yes every last nut and bolt every time you shop with us.

We are doing this because we truly believe we need each other, the shop and the customer, it's important to build a long term relationship because products can be upgraded with new boards and power supplies and technologies and also serviced easily when sourced locally and if things do go wrong or completely fail or simply need some hands on support from your retailer it's much simpler if we are both in Sussex, not to mention how much I enjoy building a relationship with my clients over the years which includes open evenings, product launches and musical events, very difficult if the customer is on the other side of the country ! yes we all want a good deal but there is more to making the best possible purchasing decision than just price and these include consultation, demonstration, installation and after sales

So we invite you to take full advantage of us being your local dealer and once your first purchase is complete and we have exceeded your expectations I am sure you will use us again as your choice of retailer will be based much more on value and quality of service and proximity than just price

We can't wait to show you what it's like to be a House Guest and not just a customer

This promotion is 100% only available to clients in Sussex

You aren't just a

customer when

you visit our

shop, your a

House Guest !!! 

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What our customers say

If you remember hifi shops in the 80's then The Audio House is like that.
An Alladins cave of great gear selected as it performs well, with enthusiastic owners that know their stuff and will give you great advice if you are new to the hobby.
Support this shop as they deserve it.
Had a great morning chatting with James while I listened to a pair of 2nd hand speakers at a great price (which I bought).

Graham Smith

Excellent service and insights. For anyone who is an audiophile and needs clear concise information on all things relating to turntables, speakers and AVR's and all things relating to audio tech. Go to this shop. This man knows his stuff!

Samuel Awolaja

Brilliant! I had an issue with my Yamaha CD Separate. Sadly it’s naff but James and his team quickly diagnosed the problem and let me know. James also gave me some great advice moving forward for when it’s time to upgrade my Hifi equipment and I will be returning here to do so. Knowledgeable and friendly!


An absolute gem of a shop! I went in with a query about the bluesound node, had a wonderful chat with the man in the shop and was given the node to take home for a home demo.

John Read

Great advice, James is interesting and shares his knowledge freely.  His motivation isn't to make the maximum profit it is to ensure you get the best equipment that suits the customer's needs.

Sarah Speight

I just spoke to these guys as down for the weekend and I have to say, they were incredibly helpful - genuinely tried to do the best for their customer and clearly hugely knowledgeable. 

Jonathan Hill

Excellent service from James at The Audio House when I was in the market for a pair of new speakers. Ended up with a great price on an ex demonstration pair including a part exchange to 'make space' at home. Fantastic and speedy …

Joe Dunn

Simply go to these guys if you need honest, fuss free advice on all your audio needs. Fantastic service. Forget the internet!

Gary Standing

James is an absolute legend in the HI FI and AV scene; we recently expanded and upgraded a very high end audiophile grade AV System which was incredibly complex to set up. After a few failed attempts and much head scratching, we called James, who was more than happy to help us in our moment of need, his enthusiasm and knowledge  seems limitless, he went above and beyond to make sure we had our system up and running with no profit to himself. James is very much a people person and a breath of fresh air to deal with in this industry.  With this in mind, I would always make sure the team at Audio House are my first port of call for purchasing all things Hi Fi / AV and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Kim Fitzpatrick

I have known James for about 20yrs and can honestly say that he has never let me down regarding customer service issues.I have only good things to say about Audio House.James is not only very strong on product knowledge but has a real commitment to After/ Sales service far and away beyond any expectation.I must say that Audio House lays great emphasis on the long term relationship between them and their customers.I would give them as many stars as they wanted.

Barry Gilford

Fantastic service. I'm very pleased with both the products purchased and the advice received. I will be back, often!

Robin WA

James knows all there is to know about HiFi with a great friendly service as always. Hit him up for all your hifi needs, you won't regret it 👌


Knowledgeable candid staff.  If you need audio gear go there and ask for the best solution.

Sina Jazayeri

THE AUDIO HOUSE is the place to go James has a world of knowledge and what he doesn't know ant worth knowing shame I can only give 5 stars as I would more then happily give 10 .James isn't pushy at all and you never get the feeling that he just wants you to buy something he is more then happy to just advise you on something and goes above and beyond to help.I have been going to james for a few years now and I can honestly say I wouldn't do business with anyone else I have introduced a few of my family members and they are very happy with James and wouldn't go anywhere else .on his web site if there is a product that your interested in and it's not displayed then don't hesitate to ask as more then likely he will be able to get hold of the product or suggest something different. Cheers for all your help and advice over the years James👍.


Excellent advice, and service.
Suggested a wonderful Music streamer with qobuz music streaming app.
Fantastic quality,( into the future we go) Thanks James.

Wayne Trigwell

Great service - came in with an issue with a piece of equipment not bought from the store and he was more than happy to help and resolve the issue. Thanks!

Zac Lees

Great shop and very friendly staff. Certainly worth a visit.

Bill Crowley

Fantastic customer service, great guys to deal with.

Russ Parker

Have always been very helpful with hi-fi at home.

David Southey

Great service Great Guys knowledgable and personable highly recommended.

RF33 Client

Good quality and great advice

Mark Thomas

Very helpful shop. Owner is full of knowledge.

Paul Murray

Great help when specifying a system that meets your needs.

Mike Young

I would recommend. They help me. Nice and helpful

Mark Wallace

Great service, quality staff.

Stuart Marler

Good selection.

Christine King


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